Center for Health Information Studies and Solutions

Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Courses in Trivandrum,Kerala

Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) professionals play a critical role in overall management of Hospital, maintaining, collecting and analyzing the clinical data that physicians, nurses and other health care providers rely on to deliver quality health care. As emerging technologies work towards a fully electronic future, HIIM professionals are needed to fill the growing work force. They will be called on to improve efficiency in health care facilities by optimizing efficiency in billing and improving electronic data integrity through quality management. With estimated projections in employment expected to grow faster than average, this is a rapidly expanding profession in an exciting area of health care. At CHISS, our Health Informatics and Information Management program provides you with the fundamental skills necessary to begin a career in health Informatics and information management.

The curriculum includes

  • foundations of health informatics
  • human factors of health information technology and usability assessment
  • systems design and software development
  • database methods clinical info management
  • healthcare data analytics
  • basic medical subjects
  • medical records management
  • medical terminology
  • hospital administration
  • statistical analysis of health information
  • basics to clinical coding - icd 10-cm, cpt4
  • fundamentals of computer and office automation
  • electronic health records software applications