Center for Health Information Studies and Solutions

Certified Specialist Accounting Courses in Trivandrum,Kerala

The critical role of accounting and finance requires technical competencies used in decision support for all areas of healthcare management. The course provides an overview of healthcare accounting and finance to strengthen these competencies and address financial reports and statements unique to healthcare. In addition, the program provides a practical overview of risk-sharing arrangements, managed care contracts and profitability ratios.

Program Objectives

After completing the Certified Specialist (CS): Accounting & Finance program you will be able to:

  • compare various types of budgets
  • identify types of cost behaviors
  • recognize the types of risk-sharing arrangements in managed care contracts
  • identify capital investment evaluation techniques

this certification program consists of 12 courses. there is 1 final assessment that covers content from all 12 courses.

  • analysis and management
  • reimbursement and managed care
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • capital planning and financing
  • investments and cash management
  • accounting oversight and internal control
  • financial reporting: revenue and assets
  • financial reporting: relationships and procedures
  • medicare and medicaid reimbursement systems
  • fraudulent acts and other compliance risks
  • malpractice insurance and risk management