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Revenue cycle Management Course in Trivandrum,Kerala

In mature markets such as North America and recently in GCC countries such as UAE, KSA and Qatar, RCM has become one of the most popular functions for healthcare providers to outsource, mainly due to its critical importance in managing providers’ internal functionalities in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In India there is being a huge market for RCM professional in the Field of BPO Centers throughout India Revenue cycle management in the Middle East, RCM remains at a nascent stage. However, its prospects are bright as the region’s healthcare market holds untapped potential.

According to industry estimates, healthcare spending in the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is expected to reach billion by 2020, with the GCC alone accounting for nearly half or billion Middle East healthcare market is also evolving with new regulations, laws, systems, processes and financial dynamics, making RCM a cornerstone in the healthcare industry RCM transition from implementing an extremely time-consuming, error-prone and costly process to embracing one that is more efficient, manageable and financially viable.

  • optimise hospital net revenue
  • reduce cost-to-collect
  • reduce rejection rates
  • identify revenue opportunities
  • denial management
  • resubmission
  • reconciliation