CHISS Internship Program in Partnership with AAPC

Unveil your potential with the CHISS Internship Program, conducted in collaboration with AAPC. Our program sets the stage for your success by offering a comprehensive and practical journey into the world of clinical coding.

Program Highlight:

  • CHISS Clinical coding internship program is a training program designed to provide students with practical experience and essential skills in clinical coding.
  • It involves a period of hands-on learning, typically under the guidance of experienced clinical coding trainers and international experts.
  • This program aims to groom individuals to become proficient in developing accurate and comprehensive medical codes, which are used in various medical functions such as reimbursement, research, and clinical care.
  • The program uses different aspects of medical coding, such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diseases, treatments, and coding rules and guidelines.
  • The program covers the intro on Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Coding Systems in GCC, US and the webinars from international experts.
  • The clinical coding internship program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring clinical coders to gain valuable experience and exposure to the healthcare field. Acquiring these valuable skillsets, the participants will be able to secure a promising career in healthcare settings.

Internship Program Segments:

  • AAPC Practicode: Engage in live coding practice to refine your skills.
  • Introduction to Revenue Cycle Management: Explore the pivotal revenue cycle dynamics.
  • UAE Clinical Coding Systems: Discuss and apply coding practices tailored to the UAE context.
  • US Clinical Coding System: Master US coding intricacies through focused discussions and practice.
  • Enriching Webinars: Absorb wisdom from international subject matter experts.
Course Requirements:

Prerequisite: Completion of a professional coding course or 1 year of ProFee coding experience is recommended.

Required Code Books:

• AMA's CPT® Professional
• ICD-10-CM (previous or current year)
• HCPCS Level II (previous or current year)

Essential Technology:

• High-speed Internet access with supported OS and Internet/Web browsers
• Adobe Acrobat Reader
• For an optimal experience, we recommend using a desktop computer.

Internship Policy:
  • CHISS Internship is designed for 3 months from the date of internship enrollment. However, the AAPC Practicode (Only Practicode and not the whole internship) can be extended or completed within 18 months (additional time extensions may be purchased for a monthly fee to AAPC).
  • Date of enrollment/purchase is considered your course start date and after your order is processed you will receive further instructions on course access.
  • The internship documents and Practicode is for individual use only and may not be copied, printed, shared, or disseminated.
  • Only individuals owning the part of internship program and Practicode purchase, whether subscription or individual, will be given credit for Practicode's completion
  • Internship should be completed within 3 months but AAPC practicode can be used 18 months. If the internship extended by student, additional payments may require.
  • This online program allows application of medical coding skills for professional services (physicians, midlevel providers, etc.) and certified medical coders. It is acceptable for non-certified medical coders to take this program. Note: This program does not teach Medical Coding.
  • The online access to practicode program provides 18 months of access from the date of purchase. Additional access time can be purchased if needed
  • By completing CPC-A Practicum, you earn one-year experience toward removal of your apprentice "A”.
  • Build your resume and gain confidence from coding 600+ actual medical records. (You will want to add this to your education experience as an internship type experience).
  • Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive an internship/externship recommendation letter with details about the program that you can use in your employment search
About Practicode – Live Coding Practice by AAPC:
  • Practical Coding Experience: AAPC Practicode is an online tool crafted to help medical coders gain hands-on coding experience.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: After enrollment, AAPC members can access Practicode online from anywhere, at any time.
  • Real-world Scenarios: Dive into real medical cases and apply your coding skills to various scenarios across specialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and more.
  • Precision Enhancement: Practicode offers feedback and guidance to enhance coding accuracy and efficiency.
  • Elevate Your Skills: For medical coders looking to excel, Practicode is an invaluable resource that enhances coding proficiency and boosts success in the healthcare industry.
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